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Connecting to customers through conversation

** Cody uses browser level speech recognition and speech synthesis to verbally communicate where avaiable.

Integrated experience

Cody is an active intelligent agent available on your website for both desktop and mobile customers. Talking to Cody assumes the role of a shop assistant, recommending products based on your conversational interaction.

Cody is the ultimate customisable tool for conversational marketing, allowing you to build interactions where the users' expectations are met directly with friendly, informative responses.

CodyHi Jane, how can I help you today?
JaneI need a new red dress for a party this weeked
CodyHere's my results. Are there any particular styles you like?
JaneThose look a bit expensive
CodyLet me see if I can find a voucher code for you
CodyHow about this BN10PC for 10% off
JaneWow thanks!

Working with retailers

Cody has been developed with retailers in mind, the goal was to provide the same level of conversational sales that can be achieved with an in store assistant. With Cody you can build language patterns for sales pitches which work for your customers, analyse and understand the best ways to talk to your website visitors.

"Cody rounds off the online shopping experience by giving browsing customers access to our expert advice through conversation." Tom Jeffrey, head of eCommerce at JulesB
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Live Demonstration

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